Why us & Why now & Why NFT

We have built a successful fan engagement sports company and have worked with esteemed sports brands such as Sportradar, Dodgers Nation, FIDE, Tech Mahindra, and others. With a strong Web 2.0 foundation built, we are moving towards building a robust metaverse (Web 3.0) platform that will unify gaming, AR/VR, Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT to bring a unique experience to fans so it drives multiple revenue streams for fans, sports organizations, sponsor brands, and the company. Blockchain games powered by NFTs have grown exponentially in recent years, pushed by NFT proliferation. In recent months, in-game NFTs have generated billions of dollars in transactions. NFT games allow gamers to earn money as they play. The play and earn genre is one of the most significant driving forces behind NFT games, with gamers making P2E games their full-time vocation. The P2E concept in blockchain gaming is simple. Players must play the game and complete game mechanics or particular tasks to be awarded. These are frequently NFTs or tokens. Users may collect these digital things and then trade or sell them in virtual marketplaces found within the game. While playing their favorite games, players may win rewards. However, obtaining rewards when playing NFT games is not as simple as many people imagine. To make the most of their playing time, gamers must first select the appropriate game and then plan their playtime.