Game structure – An Overview

Fanisko has examined the market, investigated gaming options, and put together three games as a part of the initial rollout and; as confirmed by prominent gaming experts. Are we boasting that our game play will be flawless? Of course not, but it’s a lot better than the vast majority of game concepts that are out in the market.

Game #1:

Pick the right players for the following

Head to Head Game
3 x 3 Basic-Level Game
5 x 5 Mid-Level Game
7 x 7 Ultra-Level Game
9 x 9 Supreme-Level Game

Different players have different strengths

Certain players have stronger qualities than others and perform according to their strengths in a game. So find and collect the ideal players for your team.

Purchase RARE players to bolster your team

Purchase players on the basis of rarity to bolster your squad, reinforce any possible weaknesses and establish a promotion-worthy squad

Game #2:

Effectively manage your team

You may also buy and design your own squad. The entire team composition will be twenty-six, with nine being deployed in the game to evaluate their abilities.
You will compete in regular games with your NFT squad. Rotate your team to avoid burnout and injuries within your club.

Conquer the world with your own Baseball Club

Compete in your league, advance in cup tournaments, and make incredible signings for your club to create your own history.

Each Planet has its own unique fanbase

Your planets’ fans have unique characteristics that influence how they play in the games.

Win games, rank high, and get promoted

Finishing in the top spot earns you a shot at promotion, as well as tokens, elite players, and club enhancements.

Game Three:

The new game will be launched on the basis of AR, VR, and AR glass technologies Here fans and teams will feel more immersed and involved in the true metaverse